About Us


About Fede Inspections

  Oreste Fede, owner, and operator of Fede Inspections, is a certified home inspector through InterNACHI ®  with a degree in Construction Engineering and Building Renovation. Oreste has years of experience in home renovation which allows him to provide his clients with an educated look into their prospective home purchase. Oreste will walk you through your new property, discuss the comprehensive well-being of the home and advise of any concerns or issues as he discovers them. Fede Inspections adheres to a code of ethics expressed by InterNACHI ®  ensuring all inspections are warranted by a professional and accredited opinion of your potential property condition and purchase. 


We Notice the Little Things

  Fede Inspections goes above and beyond with property inspections. Buying, selling or renovating a home is an important investment, which is why we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to help them develop a  deep understanding of the process. We strive to educate our clients by presenting all aspects of the property, as every home has their deficiencies, whether the home is old or new. We direct our clients through unanticipated problems by assisting in preparing a plan of action; we advise on how to repair any deficiencies and how to maintain your home going forward. 


Be Confident in Your Property Transaction

  At Fede Inspections we put our clients first to warrant confidence in the purchase of your home. We provide you with the information you require to make a highly informed decision. Our clients are an important part of the process and it is our goal to educate you on how to maintain your investment for years to come.



  At Fede Inspections, we use the latest technology when completing your inspection report. You will have direct access to your report when the inspection is completed. A copy of the report is immediately emailed to you and your agent following completion of the inspection. The technology we use finalizes the inspection report before we leave allowing us to discuss the report in person and address any questions or concerns you may have. Your inspection report will offer you all the considerations that are required to make the best possible decision in purchasing your new home.