Residential Home Inspection

Fede Inspections specializes in residential home inspections using the latest tools and technology to complete your inspection. Our residential home inspection evaluates the overall condition of the home and identifies observed material defects within certain areas of the home. A residential home inspection is an integral step to ensuring that you and your family are protected. 

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is becoming an inevitability for many home sellers. A Pre-Listing home inspection is often requested by the real estate agent prior to selling a home to ensure that there is knowledge of any underlying deficiencies. Becoming aware of deficiencies provides an opportunity for the seller to address the issues prior to the home being released on the market. This in turn may increase the value of the property, lead to a more desirable sale price or may lead to a faster sale with fewer conditions. 


Home Maintenance Book


Every Home Inspection comes with "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book which provides clients with information on how to maintain there home in the coming years.  

Home Maintenance Book Video